reusable Task list template

Idea created by on Jul 28, 2016
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    • Ted Crawford

    Reusable task list template

    Allow a group of tasks to be saved as a reusable list/template so that it can be loaded into the task list.



    My job requires me to replicate server builds, which have a list of tasks associated. The requests are 'same but different' and often the task list is identical, sometimes just similar to a previous list.

    I'd like to be able to make a task list and save it as 'Western server build', 'Eastern server build' etc and then choose the task list I need for the request.

    I would be able to load the task list under 'tasks' in an incident or request and check off the tasks as normal


    Additional nice-to-have

    I could assign key words to a task list template that Samanage would read and then automatically attach the matching task list to a request/incident.

    Example: AN email titled something like 'IT build Western event 290716' would create a Samanage by that name and attach the task list with 'western' as its key word.

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