Clean up Requester, Assignee, and Creator fields on Export

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 12, 2016
    Not Planned
    • Binosh Moothedan
    • Lea Koehler
    • Chad Brown
    • Olivier Paratte

    When exporting data from the application, the Requester, Assignee, and Creator fields come out very messy, as below:


    id: "435349"~name: "Chad Brown"~"Chad Brown <XXXXX@XXXXXXX.XXX>"~title: "Service Design Architect"~last_login: "2016-07-08 10:11:17 -0400"~role: "Administrator"~site: "NHO"~department: "Information Technology"~phone: "13029"~"XXXXXXXX"~mobile_phone: "XXX-XXX-XXXXX-XX"~language: "-1"~Yes~Service Desk~1~1~0~disabled: false


    That is the contents of the assignee field when an Incident is assigned to me. This is not a useful field on import, one that requires you clean it for it to be presentable. Unfortunately, things assigned to a group are a different type of messy, one that requires two stages to clean:


    id: "687925"~name: "IT | Information Security"~"IT | Information Security"~description: ""~~


    I am just requesting when these fields populate data in the CSV, they do so with just the data stored in the "Name" field.

    What problem will this feature solve?: