Categories for Problems, Changes, and Releases

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 7, 2016
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    • Chad Brown
    • Bryan Sherman

    There was a community thread on "categorizing changes" (Selecting Categories within Change ), but nothing in the Feature Requests, so I am creating this here to allow voting.


    The Use Case

    The Application is used beyond IT in our company, much like Incidents. Providing some method of segmenting the Problems, Changes, and Releases gives these modules value to non-IT business units, expanding the use of the Application throughout the company.

    That being said, there needs to be some way to scope out these Modules, so every problem, change, and release is not plastered on the index page for everyone to see.


    I think there is actually far better value to have a MULTI-SELECT field for Impacted that would be selected when a Problem, Change, or Release is submitted. This would be scoped out so HR could have "Modify | Change | Impacted = HR", IT could have "Modify | Change | Impacted = IT, Facilities, Operations", etc...


    This Impacted field would be populated by the customer (i.e., us) on the Organization or Service Desk section of the Setup Module.


    Having this MULTI-SELECT allows the most flexibility for scoping out these three modules in a manner that is meaningful in and outside of IT. In our environment it would greatly improve the odds of getting non-IT groups to submit Problems, Changes, and Releases into this system.

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