Groups inside of Groups

Idea created by Todd Thomas on Jul 1, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Shvonne Craig
    • DONNA cushing
    • Todd Thomas
    • Chad Brown
    • Matthew Gaffney
    • Barthélémy Agaësse

    (Originally posted on 24, June 2016)

    Groups can be really useful. We'd love to see Groups being able to have other Groups inside of them instead of only members. Example:


    We have a team of Directors. Each Director is part of a Group for their area called "Director of X" where X is their department name and they're the only member. We would like the team of Directors to be populated based on each "Director of X" Group. Why? That way all we need to do is change the membership of one location (Director of X) and it would change in other areas automatically, too.


    I've found that using Groups, instead of users, for Service Requests is a better way to do things so that those same Service Requests don't need to be modified again in the future if employees change. The ability to embed Groups inside of each other could be very useful in a variety of ways.

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