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Idea created by Matthew Gaffney on Jul 1, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 16, June 2016)

    While looking at the behavior of comment notifications, I noticed a few things. What I am experiencing  is while I have an incident open, and someone else comments on the same  incident and I see the comment while in the incident before clicking back to  the Service Desk queue view, the little blue notification(in Service Desk view) does not go away  until I actually open the incident a 2nd time to clear the notification flag. So I'm having to read the same comment twice to "mark as read".


    Additionally you still have a RED notification bell notification item for this same comment. So you've got to click on the bell to mark that flag as read as well.


    If I have email notifications turned on for my role I can potentially get notified about a comment on an incident 4 times.


    It would be nice to see the notifications sync so if you clear one flag all instances of that flag are also cleared.


    OR I've also seen it suggested to allow each technician or each portal user to have the capability to set notifications on an individual basis. Each person prefers to be notified differently, since we are all different people. Either or both of these changes would be helpful.

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