Divide Service Catalog Variables into Neat Sections

Idea created by Jordan Foley on Jul 1, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 15, June 2016)

    I already see that people have mentioned adding labels as a service catalog "variable" so that we can label a field or set of fields.  But even better would be a way to group variables for service catalog items.  So, what I was thinking would be good is to have the ability when you are creating a service catalog item, that as a variable you can click "Group".  This will bring in a group panel, that can be labeled itself, and then you can add any of the normal variables into said Group.  This would segregate different sets of variables into different areas.  Some forms I need employee's to fill out have fields that would be titled the same exact thing and having them in groups can help the user who is inputting the data know what is what without us having to write in a long description in the variable name itself.

    Here is an example of what I think would be nice on the Creation Side of the service catalog:

    And the user would see this on their side of things:

    This, with inline labels will make the service catalog an even more powerful tool than it already is.
    What problem will this feature solve?: