Add ability to CC: incidents from the Incident Index Page

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 1, 2016
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    • Chad Brown
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    (Originally posted on 14, June 2016)

    We often have other departments requesting the ability to see incidents that are not DIRECTLY tied to their responsibilities, but they need to view for secondary or tertiary reasons.

    As we use the application for IT, Facilities, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Operations, Audit, and several other departments - we have separation of permissions to protect sensitive data, prevent inaccurate use of mandatory custom fields based on Cat/Subcat, and to reduce clutter for each department.

    To get around this, we often just CC a group or specific members of a department on an Incident, since everyone has the Role Permission to Read Incident where they are CCed.

    The problem we have encountered is this; we have to change an incident from CLOSED to another state to enable CCing personnel. We also often need to CC a group of incidents at once.

    As the MASS UPDATE option from the Incident Index allows you change values attributed to incidents usually only available in the [EDIT INCIDENT] screen, we would like to see CC: an option from that MASS UPDATE window - OR - we would like to see the ability to fully utilize CC from the [VIEW INCIDENT} screen (so we DO NOT have to change the state from CLOSED to another).
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