Quick Tips for Service Catalog variables

Idea created by Jamie Milks on Jul 1, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 1, June 2016)

    It occurred to me when I was looking at the new user experience and workflow engine that there could be an improvement with the way the catalog item interacts with the end user.  Currently if you have instructions on how to fill out the item, you need to:

    • Link a page or solution in the description.  The user then would either need to have the two pages side by side or keep switching between the two. 
    • Or add instructions in the variable name (Name (Enter the name of the person in question here):)
    • Or let the user decipher what to put in on their own (My name? My employees name?)

    A simple solution (probably not, but I will go with that) would be to have a hover over tip over the variable or have it displayed in light color in the variable field (of course can't be a paragraph in the variable field). 


    This could also be employed in the rest of the portal (New Service - click here to request new services).  I believe that there may be the foundations for this already in place (Action Text?) and just need to have the scope increased.  Either way I think this would be a great addition to app and would help adoption with end users.

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