Add an option to the merge incident function to "flip" the merge action

Idea created by on Jul 1, 2016
    Under Consideration

    (Originally posted on 3, June 2016)

    Would like to see the ability to "flip" a merge process. 

    For example, if i have incident #1 and incident #2 , I wish to merge incident #1 into #2.

    But when i went in to do this I was in incident #2 and chose merge and then selected #1. This process then entails that you are going to merge the wrong direction.

    When this happens you must then undo your whole process and go back to #1 and redo the process. 

    It would be helpful if instead on the merge finalization screen , you have the option to "flip" which would automatically reverse the process and do a proper merge.

    This would save time and confusion about which one you have to necessarily be in when doing a merge. With this functionality i could just go into either, choose the other ticket to merge, and then when the finalize screen comes up i could then decide which way I would like to process to be merged and easily flip if by default it was not correct.

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