Manually generate a token for  device inventory.

Idea created by Mike Lindeman on Jul 1, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Tye Graham
    • Mike Lindeman

    (Originally posted on 1, June 2016)

    When manually adding a device to the system it would be nice if it displayed a token that i could then enter on the Samanage MDM app.  I have had issues and long wait times on the Mobile invitation being sent to the user that gives them this token.  As a person who setups up each device before it goes to the user it would be helpful if i could enter the device information in and get a token to use.

    Why would i need to do this?  Today would be a great example.  I requested a Mobile invitation to be sent 1 hour ago.  Since there is a backlog of pending jobs on the Samanage side my Mobile invitation has still not been sent to the user.  I can't send out the tablet to the user until i get that token. 
    What problem will this feature solve?: