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Idea created by 8141701 on Jul 1, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 27, May 2016)

    For our organization we've run into some snags using the service catalog where requests involve multiple departments/users.  As it stands you can add a task, group, or approval to these items, but I think "tasks" as they're constructed currently do no adequately fill the role for work to be done and incidents, for us at least, would be a much better choice.

    I think that a change needs to be made wherein each core unit of work whether we call it a task or an incident is given it's own independent life so that the individual assigned to completing this work is able to fit that work into his/her model for productivity.

    Currently when I have a task to do under a service catalog item, that's all it is--a task.  I can't rate that task, apply comments to that task, or change the status without affecting the entire request. 

    So whether we keep the components as tasks or add the ability to create incidents within the service catalog item doesn't matter to me.  I'd simply like to see the ability to receive an item from a request that I can individually handle without disturbing the greater project and upon resolving that work the service catalog request ticks off the item as completed so that the requestor can see that it is in fact done and can further review any notes (aka comments) that apply directly to that task without the need to filter out unrelated notes from other users performing separate tasks.

    If someone knows of a way to use the service catalog in a manner described above please let me as I have not found a suitable means myself.

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