Incident Reference String like SalesForce

Idea created by Andrew Kaiser on Jul 1, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Andrew Kaiser

    (Originally posted on 23, May 2016)

    I believe it would be beneficial to include some manner of ID, much like the reference string in SalesForce cases, that allow the addition of our Service Desk email address to incidents, without having to worry that someone will change whatever the current Incident using in the Subject email field to either create a new incident, or attach to an existing incident.

    An example would be a incident that was created for an issue. It would be nice to have an equivalent string to the SalesForce "[ ref:_00D409hQR._50034pPDHx:ref ]" string. that way if any email conversations happen outside the incident, they can be simply forwarded in, or we can add the reference string to the email chain, that way every email get assigned to the existing incident.
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