View Incident - inline editing

Idea created by Alex Hess on Jul 1, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Alex Hess

    (Originally posted on 20, May 2016)

    We're all about creating an efficient workflow. Our team finds itself navigating back to the 'edit incident' button quite often when working an incident (and when saving takes you back to the index view then you have to click back to view incident because no notes display on edit). It would be really nice to have some type of in-line editing functionality built into other aspects of the 'view incident' page. See screenshot below. There are a few posts here about adding 1 or 2 in-line edits, but not all options. Just like it's done in the incident index view would be great!

    Taking the management a step further would be additional enhancements to force mandatory fields (for technicians) to fill out like the category or location. Possibly having the option to display or not to display empty editable fields. Some of this information is imperative for the success of the department.

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