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    • Michael Davidson

    (Originally posted on 18, May 2016)

    Good Morning,


    It was brought to my attention that internally Samanage is working on developing a native remote support mechanism to allow screen sharing and support assistance without the need for a third party product like GoToAssist or Teamviewer.


    With that being said, I'd like to provide some input into tasks and features that our support group finds most valuable to hopefully have these items taken into consideration while developing the product.


    Let me preface by saying we currently use GoToAssist, after recently moving away from Dame ware. There are shortfalls we have seen with GoToAssist that dameware offered which streamlined our support system and those will primarily be outlined as requested functionality.


    1) Allow the ability to initiate a chat session without the need to have a screen sharing session initiated. We would like to normally ask the end user if it is OK to remote into their system to support them, and with GoToAssist you have to intrusively start a screen sharing session, have them allow access, and then begin a chat session. If the end user is not expecting us to connect, this is not a very polite thing. I would prefer to have the ability to ask them if now is a good time, and then initiate a sharing session.


    2) Allow diagnostic information to be queried without the need to start a screen sharing session. This is not a super big deal given that samanage is an asset management inventory system, but things like running processes on the remote system, or real time diagnostic information being queried in to the support agent would be beneficial. It would be great to be able to see this information without the need to again start a screen sharing session. As technicians we like to try and analyze information in the background while creating a plan to resolve an issue.


    3) Allow access to the computers remote Computer Management MMC. This was one of the most handy features of dameware was the ability to directly open a connection the computer management MMC where you can do nearly all of the troubleshooting one would normally need to do. With access to this MMC directly from the support agent one could create a local user, look into device driver issues , review the event viewer and so forth. Once again allowing access to this without the need to start a screen sharing session would allow technicians to analyze a system without interfering.


    4) Ability to invite another technician into a screen sharing session. This is one of the very handy features of GoToAssist , is the ability if working on an issue to send a remote invitation to a colleague and work on an issue as a team with both of you having access to the remote systems screen sharing session.


    5) Ability to reboot a system into safe mode with network and have the agent re-establish a support connection. This is also one of the items that i liked most about GoToAssist is the ability to take a remote system and get it into safe mode with networking and connected back to a support session. In the world of cleaning up malicious software , this is super handy with a system that is 1000 miles away.


    6) Link remote sharing session data to an incident. So the ability to link a computer asset to an individual and then choose to start any of these items from an incident and linking that data back to service desk would be a great tie in. Taking it one step further, if session recording was an option, and then this session video was tied to the incident for future technicians to review and watch the resolution process, that would be super slick.


    7) In the same sense, if you open a support session from an incident, the tie in ability to resolve the incident from within the remote support agent or upon session close would be amazing. This would really bring the remote support portion and the service desk portion full circle with one another and save valuable time of having to inter operate the two systems. The remote support portion should fully have the service desk integration in mind and as tight of integration as possible.


    8) Allow an option to request end user permission when making an unattended connection or to turn this feature off. I know in some regulatory cases that a company is required to gain permission from an individual when starting a remote support session. In our environment this is not the case, and I'd like to see an option that does not require the end user to say yes or no to allow a technician to connect. This is similar to the way dameware works if programmed to just allow a support session to be initiated.


    9) Daisy chaining on the previous request, if a technician does connect , allow the customization ability to display a pop up window notification in the lower corner say that technician Randy Edler has connected. This then at least gives the end user an idea that someone is remotely connected. Also allowing a custom message to be displayed would be nice, in our case we would present something like if this connection is not expected please call our primary support number.


    10) This last one is more of a note, but make sure to keep in my dual monitors and the way that the remote support session interacts with viewing the first and second monitor. We have used products in the past that just presented a dual screen configuration terribly and made it very difficult to support from our technician standpoint. A quick switch ability and scaling abilities are critical to a smooth screen sharing session from the technician viewpoint.


    Thanks for your consideration,



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