Add the scope of "STATE" to Permissions on Incidents

Idea created by Chad Brown on Jul 1, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Bradley Edwards
    • Chad Brown
    • Thomas Indelli

    (Originally posted on 5, May 2016)

    There is an option to SCOPE out permissions on Solutions and Service Catalog items by "STATE" =. We would like to see this extended to Incidents as well. (we fully understand it is a different "STATE" field)

    The use case is pretty simple, once an Incident goes to the CLOSED state, we do NOT want requesters to be able to add comments. This has happened recently where someone takes a completely unrelated six month old incident, and adds a comment by replying to the email - instead of going to the portal to submit a new request.

    We are good with Requesters being able to add comments to Resolved Incidents stating something went awry and the Incident is not truly resolved, but once an Incident CLOSES, we want it locked down.

    Either this control is put into the Permissions area, or expand the section under Setup | Service Desk (Reopen resolved/closed incidents) to allow a distinction between CLOSED and RESOLVED, and to allow control over the method of delivery (WEB, EMAIL).

    Additionally, other departments outside of IT do NOT want Incidents to reopen when commented on, so some measure of control over the Category this applies to would also be appreciated.
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