Within an incident , allow changing of Assignee without needing to edit incident

Idea created by Redler@gill-industries.com on Jul 1, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 9, May 2016)

    We have just started using the samanage service desk system, and one item we have noticed that would be helpful so far would be if we could go into an incident and update the assignee , similar to the way you can update the status without having to actually go in and do an edit incident.

    As technicians we normally will update certain information once the ticket is received, from the main listing page we can change Location  / Department / Assignee ect.. but we cannot add a comment at the same time.

    We would like to go into the incident, and have the ability to also change location / department / assignee and status while also having the ability to post a comment. If this was all one process saving an end user from getting multiple emails such as the assignee changing, and the comment being posted that would be ideal.

    Currently as a technician we need to go to two separate screens if managing the ticket from inside the ticket and not the grid screen. 

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