Filter incidents based on custom user fields

Idea created by Todd Thomas on Jul 1, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Todd Thomas
    • 8209073

    (Originally posted on 2, May 2016)

    This might sound like an obscure request at first, but I think there's merit in it's existence. Currently, you can filter the incident list for custom fields. However, you can only filter custom fields for incidents. You can't filter based on any custom information in user fields. I propose we allow filtering based on user custom fields, too.

    Use cases:
    • I want to contact all the people in a certain building (custom user field) about a particular problem.
    • I want to create a list of user type (another custom user field) I could export via CSV or simply see on my screen.
    There are probably additional applications, but being able to filter both on incident and user custom fields would be useful.
    What problem will this feature solve?: