Comment Field Box Rich-Text Feature Upgrade Request

Idea created by Josh Cook on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Josh Cook
    • Sharon Blankenship
    • Shvonne Craig
    • Esther Alvarez
    • 6828508
    • Brennen Jenkins

    (Originally posted on 22, February 2016)

    Requesting an upgrade to the text editor piece for the comment box field.


    Currently the comment field box is flaky and has always been. Some features are available while other basic formats are not (restricted or otherwise). Some examples of the flakiness is trying to space paragraphs or points, but when backspace deletes previous spaced enters. Copy/Paste, especially hyperlinks, if you press the spacebar after pasting it deletes the pasted hyperlink.


    As for features that are currently not available that should are as follows. Unable to underline but can bold and italicize. Can hyperlink external websites but cannot hyperlink internal.

    The use of hyperlinking internal resources allows us to be dynamic with our documentation. For example, Solutions Section I create an installation guide for a software that is constantly changing. Currently we have to either say where its located or upload a copy of the guide that potentially becomes stale after time. With internal hyperlinking can click on the link to open the guide that is being updated.

    In writing this idea request I noticed the description box used for the Community Section here has an updated or unlocked editor as I'm seeing underline, strikeout, and many other features.

    What problem will this feature solve?: