Feature Request - Make Initials Icon (in the colored circle for each user) customizable.

Idea created by adam.polter@rouseproperties.com on May 25, 2016
    Not Planned
    • adam.polter@rouseproperties.com
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    • Esther Alvarez
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    (Originally posted on 20, April 2016)

    We just sync'd our Samanage users over from AD using Centrify.  Because the "Display name:" field in our AD shows Lastname, Firstname, this is how the user's "Name" field appears in Samanage.  As a result, the user's initials in the circle show as LastInitFirstInit.  That is going to create issues.  Additionally, we would like the ability to color code users circles.  For us, if we could make executive users RED, to show that these requests should be handled one way, that would be helpful during the triage process.  We would also like to denote home-based users with one color, corporate users with another color, and then our remote property users with yet a different color.

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