Process Tasks Vs Incident Tasks

Idea created by on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 20, April 2016)

    I have built multiple service catalogues which deliver tasks to certain groups of users. Problem being, I can not tell them to enter the task and assign it to themselves, because the process tasks are not actually elegible for that.


    I was told once that the database containing both is the same. Can you guys just show the process tasks on service requests as it is done in the incidents?. Whoever not wanting to use it, or edit the tasks has an wonderful audit. However we need the ability of defining service catalogue tasks to groups and let the members of those groups assume the tasks and complete them.


    Another limitation we have is that while using the api, we trigger service requests that sometimes require some off the process tasks for other members to deliver something into the comment or whatever. Not having the ability that we have in the incidents is a huge limitation.


    I have been able to see that you can add tasks to service requests via the api, but they will no show up.


    Can you please flag an option on the setup so we can choose to see or not to see tasks in service requests?. Functionality wise it is not looking to change anything.


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