Enhancing the Solution Function #2

Idea created by 8066750 on May 25, 2016
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    • Todd Thomas
    • Maarten van den Baart
    • 8066750
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    (Originally posted on 19, April 2016)

    On the right hand side of each incident is a list of items you can add to the ticket. Solutions being one of them.


    I would like to have the ability when a solution is attached:
    To have it populate in the comment box within the incident with any attachments associated with it.


    The Ability when a New Solution is created:
    To bring up a "shadow box" like window to create your new solution and when done, updates and goes back to the ticket populating in the comment or resolution text field of this said solution that was created. And also attaches the new solution to the incident.


    Right now, it opens up a new tab to create a new solution but that's it. Doesn't attach it to the incident automatically or ask if I would like to.

    What problem will this feature solve?: