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Idea created by 7438865 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 17, June 2015)

    We have Incidents, Service Requests, Problems, Change Controls and even tasks...all able to be linked and connected, but nothing about Projects.  Projects are generally multiple tasks and change controls and while some of that can be built individually within Samanage, there is no commonality that brings them (links) together (kind of how Problems act for Incidents, pulling multiples in together under a single item).

    We would like to see a new section for Projects.  These don't have to be fancy, just title, description, coordinator, add attachments and then an ability to create tasks (not all tasks require change controls) and link to change controls.  The coordinator could generate tasks for others in IT, who in turn could create the necessary change controls and link them back to the project.

    Basically, an Admin that is upgrading a rack in a closet (that in and of itself doesn't require manager approvals like a change control) could create a project, assign tasks to other admin; one task to get a quote/order new equipment and a couple others for moving cables and configuring switches and those admin could create change controls that link back to the Project.

    We toyed around with the idea of having the coordinator create a change control and assign tasks through that, but this can be cluttered (lots of change controls), and if used properly, the coordinator may not be familiar enough with a process to create change controls for other admins and assign the change controls to them as they don't know the implementation and roll-back process, etc.

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