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    (Originally posted on 13, April 2016)

    1: To have the original incident automatically added to the Solution in the incident section.

    When a ticket comes in and is resolved the option to "Create new Solution" option is there. Once checked it then creates the solution but doesn't attach the incident to it. Can we have this done automatically if the solution is created through the incident?

    2: Give the ability to have solutions sent to end users.

    Solutions to me means a fix to an issue or error. So why not have this item seen by the user via email? Our users do not use the portal. They send in their issues through email.

    When creating a solution, I would like there to be an option to have it either "Internal" or "External".

    Internal - Only the people maintaining Samanage can see it.

    For obvious reasons, there are some things that certain departments will need to take care of for the end user. These items can be shared within the department.

    External - Seen by user via portal (which is done now)

    Also giving the option to be sent to the user through the resolution of the incident they sent in.

    Here's the play out:

    • User sends in a ticket via email: Help, I can't print
    • I get the ticket, look at the issue and solve his problem.
    • I think go into the ticket, resolve it and attach my "Troubleshooting Printers" solution to it.
    • Update / Close the ticket.
    • The user gets an updated email:

    Good Afternoon Annoying End User!


    William Threats has closed your incident with the following solution attached:


                        Troubleshooting Printer Problems:
                             1: Git Gud
                             2: Blah Blah Blah.




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