Exclude Devices from "No Antivirus" Risk List

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    (Originally posted on 1, April 2016)

    Our Servers have Trend Micro Deep Security in them but due to the way how these VMs are setup, the Samanage Agent reports them as having no antivirus installed.


    I am able to filter out our Servers from the "No Antivirus" Risk List by doing the initial following steps:


    1. Create a "Custom Field" in the "Forms and Fields".
        - In my case, I created a Checkbox and named it "Exclude from No Antivirus List"
    2. Create a new Form, select the Module to associate the custom field.
        - I named the form "Exclude from No Antivirus List" and associated it to the Computers module
    3. Drag the Custom Field to the Form.
        - For me, the "Exclude from No Antivirus List" custom field has been added to the "Exclude from No Antivirus List" form
    4. In the Inventory > Computers page, filter the devices accordingly.
        - In my case, it's a bit easy because the servers were categorized
    5. Select appropriate devices and update all of them simultaneously by selecting the "Customized Field" option from the Update section.
        - Customized fields are automatically included as an option in the Update section
        - In my case I selected "Exclude from No Antivirus List"


    Now I can create Reports utilizing the "Exclude from No Antivirus List" filter in the Computers page.
    - Yes option would yield a list of devices with the specified custom field
    - Customized fields are also automatically included in the filter drop-down list


    I can also add the "Exclude from No Antivirus List" as a column via Custom View (Wrench button).
    - Customized fields are also automatically added to the Custom View list as an option


    So if I go to the Risk page and drill-down on the "No Antivirus" entry, I can sort the devices listed by "Exclude from No Antivirus List" column and see which computers are actually at risk.


    This is not the ultimate solution for filtering out devices from the "No Antivirus" Risk list, but it gives me the lists that I need in less steps and time.


    Custom Fields, their properties and how they behave seem to open new possibilities for me to customize views and reports. Kudos to the Samanage Team.


    I hope that the underlying process in this post would help a bit in managing assets via Samanage.



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