Including Samanage email address in other ticket systems without response and embed them into an existing or new incident

Idea created by Nathaniel Bentzinger on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Nathaniel Bentzinger

    (Originally posted on 29, March 2016)

    We often open tickets to other vendors systems (Microsoft, Cisco, PRTG,etc). Can we get samanage be CC'd in say Cisco's ticket to allow my other techs know what is going on with a ticket I am working on without spamming their ticket system (with How was your service? emails, status changes, etc)?


    Let say I get a ticket that VPN isn't working. I have to open a TAC (Cisco tech support ticket) for assistance. If I include a custom Samanage email address into the TAC ticket can it silently accept responses from TAC & myself and places them into the Samanage ticket (private or public based on a setting?).


    Additionally it would be great if right on the view incident page I could generate a custom email that I use for this process.

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