Comment Time Stamp Audit requesting to add Year

Idea created by Josh Cook on May 25, 2016
    • Josh Cook
    • Esther Alvarez

    (Originally posted on 25, February 2016)

    In an SLA perspective this probably wouldn't be considered as the assumption is Incidents are closed within the same year so can judge off the year of the work order itself.

    However, in our environment we use the Incidents for a multitude of tasks from projects to documenting work orders that software vendors are to resolve and they can take a long time if they have to re-develop the software. In these cases we have comments that I know took place in a given month, but I don't know what year.

    It also helps when doing research on archived closed incidents can report the date of the comment rather than having to scroll up to the top of the Incident to see what year it was created in then base it off that.

    In conclusion my request would be to see if its possible to include the year within the timestamp of the comments as part of its audit trail.

    What problem will this feature solve?: