Beyond IT, we need a third tier of Categorization

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 24, March 2016)

    As we continue to expand Beyond IT, it is getting increasingly difficult to Manage the Categories and Subcategories of Samanage. We think this would be alleviated by having a top tier "Category" called "Service Group" or something of similar function.


    This "Service Group" would be where you categorize by the Service group (Finances, Human Resources, Corporate Communications, Information Technology, Facilities and Real Estate, Core Operations, etc...) that would handle the Incident or Service Request.


    Then, under each of these groups they would have their own Category & Subcategory.


    As it stands, we have to waste the "Category" on Service Group, which severely limits the ability to properly categorize, track, analyze, and conduct trend analysis on requests. The use of "Custom Fields" does not remedy this situation, because "Custom Fields" cannot be duplicated in "Name", they don't show up combined in any capacity (as Subcategories do). You have to run reports on each of your Custom Fields, then manipulate the data.


    How this would work?


    Using HR as an example. Human Resources Incidents and Service Requests would be self-contained entities, blocked off from Finance, IT, etc... Then, they could have their own Categories of "Benefits, Payroll, HR Systems, Training, Application Support, etc...". Subcategories under Benefits could include "401K, PTO, Insurance - Medical, Insurance - Dental, Insurance - Vision, Tuition Reimbursement, etc...".


    When reporting, HR could generate a Report where Service Group = HR, and get all Category & Subcategory results under that. They could then identify the top 10 "Subcategories" and use this to guide efforts to educate company personnel and where to shore up training of HR personnel.


    Where we are now


    The Category is Human Resources. The subcategories are Benefits, Payroll, HR Systems, Training, etc... We then have to create a Custom Field for each of these subcategories (a uniquely named field).  These have to be reported on separately (none of which shows in the Report Module). We could create a single "Custom Field" - but it would be prohibitively long, and result in accidental misuse (someone in Payroll clicks slightly wrong and selects a Benefits subcategory2 value).

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