JIRA Integration Feature Enhancement

Idea created by Jamie Milks on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Jamie Milks

    (Originally posted on 16, March 2016)

    The current state of the JIRA integration is not usable for my company.  I am hoping that these feature enhancements will also help other companies that are in similar needs as I think that this will greatly improve our inter team communication and decrease our user frustration.

    Currently the JIRA integration can only send an incident to one specific project and will not carry over the requestor (Due to the possibility that the user may not be provisioned in JIRA or provisioned differently). To get around this I propose the following:

    • Either add an option to specify that users on the JIRA side are provisioned the same as on the Samanage side for those that auto provision both Samanage and JIRA.
    • Adding the requester information from Samanage into the subject line, or to the beginning of the body?
    • Possibly an error caching function that would use the subject or body as a backup if they aren?t provisioned in JIRA?
    One of these solutions would greatly improve the chances of our JIRA teams adopting the user of the integration tool and reduce my teams frustration with needing to instruct the user to email another tool or manually create the issue ourselves in JIRA.
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