Lifecycle audit access from the Samanage app

Idea created by Anthony iezzi on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan
    • Anthony iezzi

    (Originally posted on 2, March 2016)

    We were looking for a way to easily audit our inventory using the QR codes and our smartphone but when we scan the QR code there is no option to get to the lifecycle section of the equipment properties so that we can use the audit function to show that the asset was audited.  We then tried to use one of our Surface Pro's thinking that would give us more options, but the cameras on the Surface Pro's will not auto focus on anything smaller than about 4"x4" making it impossible to use them to scan the QR code.


    Is this something that is planned, or maybe that I am just missing in the app?  Is there another way to use the QR  code to help automate the inventory auditing process as we are trying to eliminate printing stuff off and checking boxes and then entering it into Samanage.



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