Making the "Assigned to" filter  Recursive

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
    Not Planned
    • Andrew Malcolm
    • DONNA cushing
    • Todd Thomas
    • Chad Brown

    (Originally posted on 4, March 2016)

    To better utilize group assignments and team play, we were wondering the feasibility of adding an "Assigned to (Recursive)" filter. This filter would see all Incidents/Tasks assigned to the specified person, directly - or indirectly (where they are a member of a Group assigned the Incident/Task).


    Our workflows and procedures have Tasks & Incidents get assigned to groups, and it would make it far easier to manage a Queue when someone could see all things they are responsible for in a single filter. This way, as people gain different roles and get added to additional Groups - they don't have to continuously upgrade their queries to accommodate.

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