Missing Inventory filters

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
    Long term plan

    (Originally posted on 2, March 2016)

    There are quite a few filters on the Inventory page for Computers. I know this has been improving over time, so thanks, Samanage! However, not all columns of data are options for filtering currently. This is inconsistent behavior and makes filtering for those things difficult. It seems as though anything that's displayed in a column should also exist as a filter, at least for the default columns.

    Missing as filter options:
    • Asset ID
    • Memory
    • Last Update
    • Bios Date
    Also, IP address should have the 'p' capitalized in the filter. Right now it's "Ip address".

    Additionally, I have a few additional suggestions on improving this page:
    • The filter "Name" should change to "Computer" or maybe "Computer Name" and have it match the column header to match for consistency.
    • It would really help to have "NOT" filters, especially for things like Mac vs. PC. I know this should be coming at some point, but building filters without better control over the operators makes this really challenging to make the right report.
    • Sort the filter list to match the default column headers and/or alphabetically. I think the ideal grouping would be to have a filter category and subcategory, but that's more advanced. Even just sorting the list in alphabetical order would be a huge help for finding things.
    • Allow us to filter based on PC accessories like monitors or local printers. We need a way to identify all of these attached to our PCs easily.
    I hope this list of suggestions is helpful! Anyone else see things missing from making the Inventory page even better?
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