Service Catalog Attach Samanage Items on Creation

Idea created by Matthew Davey on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
    • Paul McGurn
    • Nathan Evenson
    • Todd Thomas
    • Matthew Davey
    • Mara McCrary

    (Originally posted on 29, February 2016)

    We would like the ability to include Samanage items as Variables in service catalog items.
    Adding the following as Variable types would remove the need for manual data-linking on several internal service catalog items:
    Configuration Items


    Also, we would like to see the ability to automatically attach the above items (save users) to the resulting incident.


    For example, if a developer needs to request access for end users to a Q/A environment associated with a Change, that request must be fulfilled by another team, and we wish to have a new incident to handle the request, attached to the Change.  Currently, to accomplish this, a developer would need to manually input the user's details into an incident and manually attach the resulting incident after creation to the Change.


    If the above features were implemented, we could build a service catalog item that results in the following:
    - User variable - search and select the appropriate user (just like custom fields of type "User" work)
    - Change variable - search and select the appropriate Change item
    - Submit request
    - New service catalog incident is automatically attached to the change in question

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