Don't notify everyone on the cc list if a new comment has been made by a portal user

Idea created by 6897944 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 23, June 2014)

    Sometimes we need to get all of our staff(~600) to do something, like "Leave your pc turned on tonight". If we just email all of them, each reply creates a new incident. :(
    To get around this, we create an incident where the requester and assignee are the same person. Then we send the email with "INCIDENT #123456 Leave your pc turned on...." in the subject. So when they reply to the email, it just gets added to the incident as a comment.
    However, the problem we have come across is that when their comment gets added, it also adds them to the cc list. So when the next person sends a reply/comment, everyone on the cc list gets notified and so on. It makes A LOT of notifications.
    We would like to have an incident specific option like "Only notify cc list of comments made by users(helpdesk)".
    What problem will this feature solve?: