Viewing the group associated with a user

Idea created by Richard Wills on May 25, 2016
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    • Richard Wills
    • Todd Thomas
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    (Originally posted on 9, July 2015)

    In reviewing staff access to Samanage, I have noticed that if I look at the "users" section in setup, I cannot determine which group a user is a member of.


    If I go to "Groups" in setup, I can expand the groups, but it only shows me the member that have been added to a group, not the members that are not a member of any group.


    The use case here is that when a new user is created (typically when they join the company), they should be assigned to a corresponding group. If the administrator forgets to assign the user to the group, there is no way to know.


    There does not seem to be any reports that show this detail either.


    I would like to see either:


    1. In the users view a column showing the group assignment


    and / or


    2. In the groups view, a section below the group list that details users that are not assigned to a group.


    So now (unless there is a better way), I have to trawl through all the groups created in Samanage and validate them against anther source to make sure everyone has been assigned a group.





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