"Reports to" for groups

Idea created by 7372369 on May 25, 2016
    • Todd Thomas
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    (Originally posted on 6, November 2015)

    We have 24 Users in Samanage currently. I am only interested in the incidents being handled by approximately 14 users - the remaining users are procurement, facilities etc.


    Currently, whenever I want to extract some kind of information about my staff, I need to manually select every user and every group used by my staff. Not only is this very cumbersome, it is also error-prone. I know I can save filters, but a) I switch people around between teams regularly and b) it gives too many saved reports to manage.


    So I've been trying to extract data using the Reports To property on my own employees to find their incident. But I just realized that my reports are all missing the incidents assigned to the various groups.


    If the property "Reports To" could be set on the groups, they would show up in my reports and my data would be correct.


    I know incidents can be categorized, but we currently choose to not to enforce categorization as it is very time consuming for our staff to set it on all incidents. Most of our incidents are reported through email, so the "portal users" don't set them.

    What problem will this feature solve?: