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Idea created by 7485233 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 15, April 2015)

    Would it be possible to have a setting to ensure incidents can't be closed down without a resolution being entered by the technician? Or potentially change the workflow so that it is part of the comments box without having to edit the incident to enter this text in a separate box?


    At the moment, the only way to enter text for the resolution is to edit the incident, change the status to resolved and then enter the text in the relevant box which appears when you choose the "Resolved" state.


    The problem is that if you change the incident to resolved from the previous screen (the screen where you can enter incident comments back and forth to the end user), the incident is marked immediately resolved and there is no box to enter the resolution text which results in an email notification with no description and a very confused user.


    As a first step, perhaps we could remove the "Resolved" state from the dropdown on the non editing screen which means the incident needs to be edited to mark as resolved, allowing resolution text to be entered and giving the end user more information about how the issue has been fixed.


    Ideally, the resolution would be integrated into the Comments box with a checkbox to mark the technicians comment as the resolution text for the incident. By checking this box the incident would be automatically marked "Resolved" triggering the email notification to the end user. This would speed up the technicians workflow and reduce errors.

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