Request for UI button or API call to clear software assigned to a computer

Idea created by Winship, Andy on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
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    • DONNA cushing
    • Michelle Salter
    • Winship, Andy

    (Originally posted on 10, February 2016)

    When software is detected on a computer it increments the installed numbers and adds the license to the reconciliation of a software contract.  However if a machine is returned to IS, put into storage and marked as SPARE, the software and license count still includes that computer even though the computer and software are no longer used.  The only ways to remove that count are to delete the computer from Samanage or mark the computer as DISPOSED.  Both of these options are would mean that Samanage become inaccurate as an Asset Control System, and you would not know what computers you have in stock.
    There should be a way for an Administrator to remove all software linked to that computer while it is not being used.  If the computer is then used again the software audit would kick in and add the software back into Samanage correctly.
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