Let the Search by "Name" field be just that...

Idea created by 7438865 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 8, February 2016)

    My idea is to ask that the current design to include alternate fields in search results be changed to match more common search practices. When we search the "name" field, it should only give results from the "name" field.

    On occasion, new users in our system will end up with an email address as their username.  Our SD will then manually change this to match our standard "FirstName Last Name" and all is well.

    Recently, I was in the Users screen under settings and wanted to see if there were any that may have been missed in the 500+  users we have in our system and ran a filter with Criteria "Name" and "@emaildomain".  The results I received was not what I expected...I received every user, as if I had run with a Criteria of "Email".  Name fields with no "@emaildomain" in them were provided in the search results.

    I submitted a ticket on this issue and was surprised at the response:

    "After checking with our engineers this is by design. What happens is that when you search by name, it also does a comparison against the email."

    This current "design" is not intuitive; it doesn't match current user expectations of how searching a field should work.

    For those that wonder, yes, there is a way to search for email addresses of users.  It's a separate search criteria called "Email"....which might also need to be reviewed if it is also searching other fields.


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