More customizability for Printers and Other Assets like Service Catalogs

Idea created by 7441852 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 29, May 2015)

    Ok so we have Printers across multiple locations that we need to keep the Serials and Models matching which are two fields that currently can't be added to a Printer Asset.

    The option to classify the Maintenance Warranty for each Printer since they will vary between models and locations would make life easier. The Serial is needed to verify the product has a warranty so it is good to have on hand whenever something goes wrong.

    Since we couldn't add this information to a Printer Asset we thought about creating a Other Asset with the Type named Printer but it has fields to provide more information then we need and may confuse some of our employees on what information they need for what Asset so we want a way to customize the fields for each Type much like the Service Catalogs Customizability.


    Also from looking at the Layout for Inventory having a conversion where the Inventory is more like the  Service Desk could better organize material. In this case the Incidents would be the devices with categories and subcategories.

    Instead of Computer, Software, Mobile Devices, Other Assets and Map you could have Hardware, Software, Other Assets, Warranties, Service Catalog (Create the rules and fields for listings by category and subcategory in Inventory) and Map.

    I understand this would be a huge conversion but I feel like it separates equipment too much without considering other common devices like Scanners, Displays/Projectors/Monitors and even Virtualized Devices that show up under Printers because of Driver installations and cases like that.

    What problem will this feature solve?: