Link CI Owners to User Profile

Idea created by Chad Brown on May 25, 2016
    Under Consideration
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    • Chad Brown

    (Originally posted on 28, January 2016)

    We are exploring the use of CIs for tracking Application Licenses. We order a piece of software, add that as a CI to Samanage, and list the OWNER in the CI.


    However, when we bring up the User's Profile in Samanage, it doesn't show any of the CIs outside of "OTHER ASSETS" and "COMPUTERS".


    We would like to see any CI with an OWNER show in the User's Profile. When Offboarding personnel, it is necessary for us to track all things associated with this person, be it Mobile Phone, Scanner, one-off Application purchases, Company Credit Card, Network Access, etc...


    Are there plans to get the OWNED CIs linked to the User Profile? And if it isn't a default link, perhaps add an option (Check box) in the CI to "Link to User Profile."?

    What problem will this feature solve?: