Unlink Email and In-app Notifications

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
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    • Todd Thomas
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    • Larry Johnston
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    (Originally posted on 11, January 2016)

    The Notifications section of Setup is currently confusing. If you disable email notifications, it also disables notifications that appear while using the Samanage application in your web browser or phone. Two suggestions:

    1. In the short term, add some wording that mentions that changing these settings affects both email and notifications in the app itself. Probably rename "Email notifications" just to "Notifications" since it applies to both. This is probably more of a bug than a feature request since the behavior and the wording don't match.

    2. In the long term, separate out the notification into different types "email" versus "in-app".

    In our use case, we've disabled "email notifications" for the Requester while we roll this out internally. However, anyone logged into the web browser won't see any notifications there, which makes it really hard for Requesters to know when their incidents are resolved since they don't get emails or notifications within the app itself.
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