Service Catalog process workflow action of external API call

Idea created by 7519803 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 16, January 2016)

    It would be super helpful for the sake of implementing external automations to have a Service Catalog process workflow action of making an external API call.  This would allow you to publish your own external API endpoint and have an action (e.g. HTTP POST) executed against it as a workflow step in the Service Catalog process.  

    An example would be to have an automation task that after an approval has been given for a user to receive a service (e.g. wireless network access), a call is made to a defined external API endpoint with a JSON object of all the data from the Service Catalog request.  The external system can then use that information automate the provisioning of the users service. 

    This approach removes the burden of Samanage from handling custom integrations and allows customers to extend service delivery automation without requiring a relationship with Zapier.
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