Add users from the Groups page

Idea created by Todd Thomas on May 25, 2016
    • Todd Thomas
    • Matthew Gaffney

    (Originally posted on 2, November 2015)

    You can add a User to Groups from User's full profile, but you can't add multiple Users to Groups from the Groups page. It seems like you should be able to not only view who is in a Group, but also add Users into it, too, directly from the groups page.


    I'd love to see the behavior function like Active Directory Users and Computers- if you look at a User you can see their Groups (and add or remove from there). If you click on a Group that User's a member of you can see them plus other Users (and add/remove other Users as needed).


    Something as simple as an "Add User to Group" button in the upper-right corner should work. Or as an option under "Actions". With 100+ Users and 30+ groups, having the flexibility to administer this both directions is almost a requirement.

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