ITIL Forward Schedule of Changes and Change Notification

Idea created by 7389641 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 7, January 2016)

    "Estimates of what percentage of incidents are due to change vary, but I have personally seen an 80% reduction in incidents caused by a change freeze in one organization, so it can be very significant." Source -

    Feature Request 1: The ability to add CC email address to changes (current functionality in Incidents). USE CASE: A Service Desk Team needs visibility into approved and scheduled changes. This team is typically not change requestors or change approvers, yet can be heavily impacted by changes especially when change related incidents occur.

    Feature Request 2: Create a Forward Schedule of Change (FSC) Calendar in Samanage which would reflect the Change Planned Start and Planned End Date and time. USE CASE: Planned changes are now easily accessible to the Service Desk Team, which will shorten Incident MTTR.

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