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Idea created by 6961764 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 16, July 2014)

    Hello again,

    I'd certainly like to see more options for the Notifications, and here's my idea (based on Zendesk functionality).

    Add a third option for:  Notify all administrators of ticket type.

    In Zendesk, as I'm sure you're aware, tickets are created and assigned first by Groups.  Since in Samanage, this is done by TYPE (Incident, Problem, Change, etc) the base options are a bit different.

    We can initially assign a ticket to a GROUP in Samanage, but here's where things get different.  In Zendesk, there is the functionality to have all notes/ticket updates to be constantly sent to the entire GROUP.  Example:  I update a deployment ticket that is assigned to my Group DEV in Zendesk, and add a note "Deployment scheduled for 7/20/14".  The ticket is assigned to our Developer John Smith, but the email of the internal note goes out to everyone in the Group DEV.

    Since we don't have this in Samanage, adding the ability to notify all administrators of the ticket type could essentially resolve this.  If I create a Problem, I'd like these email notification options in my above screenshot to have the ability to send to everyone who has manage access to the Problem type tickets.

    Hope that makes sense!
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