Create Custom Risk -> Send Email to [user] / [user_manager] -> Create Incident

Idea created by AJ Tomko on May 25, 2016
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    • AJ Tomko

    (Originally posted on 4, September 2015)


    I've been looking around samanage for a little bit today on ways to do different things and then came to the community to check for possible ways or workarounds or upcoming features with no luck finding much - the last update on upcoming features was 6 months ago from what I found on the commnunity. Am I looking in the wrong place, is there somewhere that shows what is being worked on now and can be expected over the next few months?

    Regarding this thread that I found, I'd like to suggest the following feature:

    There should be a way to create a custom risk that has the ability to trigger an incident + e-mail notification to [user], for example, 
    • computer not reporting: 14 days
    • department: support
    • priority low
    • --- Open ticket and send email to IT and User
    • computer not reporting: 20 days
    • department: support
    • priority: critical
    • --- Open ticket and send email to IT, User, User's Manager, and Security
    send email automatically to IT and Head of Dept + X person/department manager

    The above scenario, in our Use Case, is that there is little Linux supported MDM solutions.. Although we can not lock or wipe a device, we have scripts for the samanage client installation done for our linux user depts. The ability to create our own risks and in turn automatically generate e-mails when triggered, would be great. That would then allow for the user to take action, and if not, escalating to management and the security department.

    Looking forward to finding out more about what's coming down the pipeline and hoping more of these community posts are actually being worked on instead of simply considered, but some that are amazing and some that should be completely obvious appear to have not been taken seriously due to having too few likes.

    What problem will this feature solve?: