Add more than one owner to a PC

Idea created by Brian Wittling on May 25, 2016
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    • Brian Wittling
    • Todd Thomas

    (Originally posted on 4, December 2015)

    In our environment, we have many shared PC's. It would be very helpful if in Samanage you could assign more than one "owner" to any given PC or asset.


    It was suggested to create a Group and then assign the Group to the PC, however this does not result in the PC showing up under the user when in the Incidents page (ie - like when you hover over the user name). Or even when you click to view their profile - "inventory - no items found" is displayed.
    Groups also of course creates an additional and un-necessary layer of administrative maintenance to the product, if we could just freely assign & remove users from the PC asset.

    Thank you!

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