Within a single asset - allow printing of QR Code with additional details - similar to the QR book

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    (Originally posted on 9, April 2015)

    There was a lot of discussion around this subject in these two articles -




    Yuval did some great work to get the Dymo option going for single strand label printing, but it did not accomplish what some of the contributors were looking for, an easy way to print single asset tags directly from the asset to a printer without any middle ware.


    This seems to be something that may work easily with the following enhancement -


    * When you view an asset, there is an option to print the asset QR code"


    *When you click the print option , you get the following output"


    If you perform a normal print function through chrome , you get the print preview of the print output. Notice in this example that the output forms to the printer paper settings. In this example


    Above, I have chosen to print the output to my Sato thermal transfer printer. The printer is installed by windows and the driver dimensions are setup for 4 x 6 labels.


    When printed , the output is the following:



    I would say you should just expand this functionality with the following -


    * Add the ability to choose additional information like you do for the QR book , to the individual QR code print dialogue.


    * Allow the user to choose the output size - similar to how the QR book works now, not based on the Avery format but on the label size. For instance, the custom template outputs a print that is about 3/4 inch long x 2 1/4 in. wide. This could then be printed to a printer such as the Brother QL500, with a 2.1" wide x 50 ft long continuous roll. The print driver would govern the size of the print and the cutter would cut the label in the appropriate spot.


    What are your thoughts, it seems like the print functionality is already there to print directly to a printer with the QR code on the assets. It is just missing the additional parameters and the ability to choose a smaller output size.



    What problem will this feature solve?: