Improvement in Changes / Status

Idea created by 7764933 on May 25, 2016
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    • Heinzmann, Thomas
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    (Originally posted on 25, November 2015)

    When doing changes there is a room for improvement.
    Usually, a change gets
    - Initiated (status "open")
    - Assigned/planned (status "waiting for approval")
    - Approved (status "approved")
    - work is done and ready to be tested (additional status "waiting for test")
    - Result is tested / approved or declined by requester (status closed completly" or additional status ?test failed?)


    When I try to do this in Samanage, everything is fine, until we have done the change.
    Then we cant handle it in samanage anymore. When we submit the result for approval, it goes to "waiting for approval" Then the requestor is approving it again and the status changes to "approved"


    In this scenario, it is not easy to find out
    - Is the status "waiting for approval" before or after the work has been done
    - Is there any work open in the status "approved" or is the work tested and done


    Please give us the required additional status

    What problem will this feature solve?: