Email Notifications for Release Approvals/Declines - Feature Request

Idea created by 7883797 on May 25, 2016
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    (Originally posted on 23, November 2015)

    Is there a reason behind why you don?t want to send emails for release approvals or declines? 

    Currently, there is no way to see that a release has been approved unless you log in, go to the releases section and look. A release approval is much more important to know about (in my opinion) than a change. From my perspective I manage our web team inside of the bigger IT group. I am usually the one that approves any changes that would be. When it comes time for a release I let other leads and the director within IT know that we are making production changes and ask them for approval of the release so they have the opportunity to object if they see any issues or there are any timing conflicts.

    Expanding on this, declines could be even more important. The first person may approve and the second person may decline the release. If I logged in after the first person approved to check the release status, but before the second person declined there is a great chance I would move forward with that release when someone had a reason to object. Unless I was diligent and logged in again, I would miss the decline and we could end up cleaning up an issue that could have been avoided.

    Maybe other people are using the process differently, but I think it would be helpful to receive emails for releases approvals/declines.
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